Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sherwood Amusements at Crab Derby in Crisfield -2010

Sherwood Amusements at Crab Derby in Crisfield

Here are a few photos from the 2010 Crisfield Crab Derby carnival held on the grounds of Somers Cove Marina.   Sherwood Amusements always provide us with good, clean, family fun, and they are always accommodating to this photographer. Hope to see you next year! In the meantime, be sure and visit Sherwood Amusements whenever you get a chance.

Good food, too - chicken on a stick.

And I have to thank my buddy, shown left, an employee with Sherwood, who always gives me a lift to the top of the world.


Lew said...

Great shots of the carnival! I especially like the one of the wheel and sky across the water.

Noelle said...

I love your photos - your work is the best!