Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crisfield Crab Derby Parade 2010

Crisfield Crab Derby Parade 2010

 I have a lot of parade photos but little time. If I forgot someone, I apologize.   These photos are not in order, but the Crisfield Police Department led the parade along with the Crisfield Fire Department and our EMS. Thanks to everyone who participated. There is nothing like a small town parade, and Crisfield knows how to do it right! If you are planning on coming to Crab Derby next year, bring a chair and enjoy our small town flavor. The parade is held on Saturday, before Labor Day.

We had our mid-term elections yesterday so you will see some politicians and political signs. Congratulations to those who won. To those who didn't win - 4 years is not that far away. Everyone ran a great campaign.

Labor Day - 2011 - not that far away! What are you waiting for? Make plans now.

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