Sunday, September 5, 2010

39th annual Boat Docking Contest in Crisfield - 2010 preview

2010 39th annual Boat Docking Contest in Crisfield

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Enjoy a few boat docking photos. I will post more next week. I took a lot of photos! All the captains and their crews did a great job. They work the water to bring you fresh Maryland crabs and oysters, and we are proud of each and everyone one of them.

The boat docking committee works extremely hard each year to keep this tradition going. Kudos!

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Spectators await the start of the contest.

The Crisfield Coast Guard escorts county and state officials to the dock along with Bill Reynolds, chief of the Crisfield Volunteer Fire Department. 

Mayor P.J. Purnell with councilman Barry Dize, center, enjoy the contest.

Councilwoman LaVerne Johnson waves to the camera. Seated to the right of Johnson is councilman Kim Lawson.

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MC Flea tries on a tank top for donations.


Anonymous said...

This is the best $15 for entertainment I have ever spent. The MC is an excellent part of the show. Do not miss it next year.

Larry Lawson...Wilmington, NC

Patty said...

Thank you Wilmington, NC. I will have more boat docking photos by week's end. The annual boat docking contest is not just an "event", it is a slice of life, and it gives Crisfield a way to give back to the waterman who work so hard.

Hope you return for the 40th annual boat docking contest in 2011.