Sunday, September 5, 2010

2010 Crab picking contest in Crisfield

2010 Crab picking contest in Crisfield

Somerset County has some of the fastest crab pickers around. Each year we offer them a chance to show off their skills. This year's winner was Hazel "Hurricane" Cropper. Need I say how she got her nickname? Cropper picked 4.5 pounds of crabs in 15 minutes. It takes me that long to get the meat out of 3 crabs.

Congratulations to Cropper, who just won her 15th crab-picking contest.

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Also, since I was all over the place Labor Day weekend I have re-posted some of these photos along with others, including the contestants in a second part post. Click here to see that post.
Before the timer begins, crabs are loaded onto tables.

MC Flea keeps the crowd entertained. Thanks for a good show, Flea.

Cheerleaders root for the pickers.

Pickers work at lightening speed.

Cropper picks crabs as the time-keeper, shown far right, counts the minutes. Shown center is Valerie Howard of the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce.

Crab meat is carefully weighed.

Cropper places one of her containers of crab meat on the scale.

MC Flea, center, Miss Crustacean, and Little Miss and Mr. Crustacean award Cropper her 15th title.

Cropper gets a congratulatory hug.

Congratulations Hazel "Hurricane" Cropper, winner of the 63rd annual National Hard Crab Derby.

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