Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crisfield Crab Derby 2010 Photo Guide

Crisfield Crab Derby 2010 Photo Guide

For your convenience here are links to some of the photos I took during Crisfield Crab Derby week and the Crisfield boat docking contest.  I have more photos to add to these posts at a later date. 

 You might want to bookmark this page. Please remember that load times can be long on some links due to the amount of photos. And once again, if you know how to safely adjust your display properties, best viewing will be at 1280 by 1024 pixels or higher.


Photos from the Little Miss and Mr. Crustacean pageant (this actually takes place in advance of Crab Derby week.)

Crisfield Miss Crustacean Pageant

Crab cooking contest at the Crisfield First Baptist Church

Crisfield Crab Derby carnival by Sherwood Amusements

Crisfield Crab Derby Parade 

Crisfield Crab Picking Contest

Crisfield Hard Crab Derby Race

Crisfield's 39th annual Boat Docking Contest

Crisfield Crab Derby fireworks

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