Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crisfield Crab Derby Fireworks - Labor Day 2010

Crisfield Crab Derby Fireworks  - Labor Day 2010

The fireworks ended Crisfield's Crab Derby weekend, and they were spectacular!  Thanks to the employees of Bay Fireworks, also members of the Pittsville Volunteer Fire Department, who gave me a front row seat. A special thanks to the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the fireworks.

"Sparky" shows off one of the fireworks.

Members of the Pittsville Volunteer Fire Department pose for the camera before the show.

I had planned to show the fireworks in this photo which is the site of the Crab Derby at Somers Cove Marina.

I was put in a "safe zone" by the workers and dared not move. This is my test shot (I was actually adjusting the camera on the tripod in this shot, hence the blurriness)  - and then the wind shifted a little to the left of the backdrop I had hoped to use, so I changed lenses and pointed my cameras to the sky. Next year, I will think this out a little better, and carry all my gear.

Now for the show...


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