Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Harley Riders in Crisfield

Harley riders in Crisfield

I have about 5000 photos to go through from the weekend. They include: Miss Crustacean pageant, crab cooking contest, Crisfield parade, crab picking, crab races, Crisfield boat docking contest, fireworks, Deal Island skipjack races and the Deal Island boat docking contest. I will be bringing you these photos as I get to them either as singles or in small groups. In the meantime, I will still fill in with file photos.

A few weeks ago I captured this happy Harley group posing for a photo. They did not see me until they turned around. Got a bike? Bring it to Crisfield! Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of our restaurants, do a little shopping, and hit the back roads. We have some beautiful scenery along the back roads of Somerset County.


~JarieLyn~ said...

How wonderful. I really admire how you love your town. It comes across in every single blog post you write. One of these days I will visit Crisfield, Maryland which I'd never heard of until you.

Doreen said...

fun shots Patty! I can't imagine going through 5000 photos. I had over 300 one day and that was more than normal for me.

OMG! my word is prick. for verification.