Monday, September 27, 2010

Puppy Love

 Puppy Love
by Paul Anka - 1960

And they call it puppy love.
Oh. I guess they'll never know
how a young heart really feels
and why I love her so.
And they called it puppy love
just because we're in our teens;
tell them all please tell them it isn't fair
to take away my only dream.
I cry each night
my tears for you,
my tears are all in vain.
I hope and I pray that maybe one day
you'll be back in my harms once again.

Someone tell me please
is the answer up above?
How can I tell them, oh how can I tell them
this is not a puppy love?

OK, in the true-life of these two the lyrics Paul Anka was singing  in the song he wrote for Annette Funicello probably doesn't fit. The song just popped into my head when I saw them. "Puppy Love"  reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles in 1960.  Let's see? I was 12 in 1960, and Paul Anka was the dream of every school girl. I listed to him on my so-cool transistor radio.

"Puppy Love" was revived by Donnie Osmond in 1972, and soared to #3 on the charts. I'm sure these two lovebirds have never heard of  Paul Anka, Annette Funicello or Donnie Osmond. But hey, love, unlike transistor radios, never goes out of style. And isn't Crisfield a beautiful place for "Puppy Love", no matter what your age. Wink. Wink.

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