Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Deal Island Skipjack Races

2010 Deal Island Skipjack Races

I have a lot of photos from the Skipjack races to post when I get around to them. Check back mid or late next week to see them. I am trying to post a few photos of the events from the weekend as I get to the folders.

Thanks to Captain Art Daniels - Daddy Art - to those of us who know and love him,  for giving me the honor of being on his skipjack the City of Crisfield. He didn't win this year, but there is always next year. Daddy Art will be 90 in the 2011 skipjack races. He is still a young chick in my book and has more energy than I do. During the oyster season Daddy Art still captains the City of Crisfield.

The Martha Lewis out of  Havre De Grace took 2nd place.

Captained by Capt. Wade Murphy, The Rebecca T. Ruark out of Tilghman Island catches up with the City of Crisfield, and later won the race. We had a good lead, though.

Congratulations to Capt. Wade Murphy and crew.


Anonymous said...

Great picure of a grand Captain at the helm. Oh, to be able to do that at 89.

rick boyer said...

Didnt get a chance to go to the races, maybe next year! Idont care if Daddy Art didnt win he is still my hero, I have never been to Deal Island, but grew up in Crisfield, great photos, keep up the good work,visit the site time and time again.