Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eddie Heath

Eddie Heath's crab pots in Crisfield

I truly enjoy sharing Crisfield and the people who live here with my viewers (I say viewers because this blog is more about photography than words). I get more emails than I do posts because the majority of my viewers are not bloggers. They don't have time during their busy days to go blog-hopping. People usually find my blog  while doing searches, and I am happy to say that most people bookmark this blog and return again and again. 

There seems to be no media safe-havens today. Everywhere we turn there is bad news and politics and more bad news. 99 % of my posts are posts that make people happy. Coming from a news background where I covered a lot of bad news over the years, I can say that it makes me happy knowing that I am putting smiles on people's faces 99% of the time. Plain old-fashioned good news is a rare commodity these days, and I am happy to be part of a small niche that deals in smiley-faced news. I am also happy to be able to give people an escape, so to speak, from the daily grinds of life.  Call it campy if you like, but I know people enjoy their virtual visits to Crisfield, and every once in awhile someone finds someone and remembers. Read on.

I always have good intentions to post parts of the emails I get, but time creeps up and I lose the emails or accidentally delete them. I have been holding a comment I received three days ago. I knew if I posted it I would lose it and I wanted to share it with you. It exemplifies what this blog is all about and gives you an idea of the kinds of emails I receive.

The comment came in as Anon and was signed by Larry. 

"Eddie Heath is a genuine person. He purchased steel from me for years and this is the first time I can put a voice to a face! Until now, Eddie was always a voice on the other end of the phone. A good voice! The voice matches the person. I can still hear that unique voice in my head all these many years later. Now retired, I do what I love second most....freelance photography. Patty, great work!"

And here is the photo that allowed Larry to put a face to the voice he spoke to for so many years.
I posted this in April of 2010. In this photo, Eddie was telling me how old-fashioned he was, and added
that he liked to keep things simple, using a pencil and a telephone to do business.

You are right, Larry. Eddie is a great person. Email me one day, and we will talk photography.

And here are some of Eddie's crab pots sitting on a dock at Small Boat Harbor. I took this photo last week and was saving it for a post this week. I think it fits perfectly with this post. If you eat Maryland crab chances are they were caught in one of Eddie Heath's crab pots.


Anonymous said...

I so envy you & your love of your area. We are in the middle of "GasLand" here in NE Pa. It is a mess..... If you can watch the documentary by Josh Fox called "Gasland". (HBO on demand)
Haliburton & Cabot etc. are raping our land & destroying out water. I just want to cry.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good intro to this post, Patty. You are so right about the need to see "good" news and photos of everyday folks too. Thanks!