Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve to All

New Year's Eve in Crisfield
“For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice.” ~ Little Gidding II

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thanks to all our first responders

Crisfield EMS
I would take to take a moment to thank all of our first responders for being there for us this holiday season. Let's all give them a happy New Year's present by driving safe on New Year's Eve, and if drinking, always have a designated driver. Watch those wood stoves and electric heaters at all times, and make sure your smoke alarms are working properly.

Somers Cove Marina gets new fence

Somers Cove Marina gets new fence

It may be winter, but Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield is getting spruced up for boating season with new fencing. Its never too soon to reserve your slip at the marina. They have worked hard all summer, now into winter, on new floating docks, gas pier, fencing, and landscaping,  to make your boating experience more pleasurable. Think spring! Read coverage in the December 22, edition of the Crisfield-Somerset County Times.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday cheer at the Tawes Library

Holiday spirit at the Tawes Library
There is nothing like a nice get-together on Christmas Eve with friends and family, especially when everyone gathers in the historic Tawes Library in Crisfield to share laughter and good cheer. Thanks, Val and Tim. I know you added a little more magic to everyone's Christmas Eve.

Tim welcomes guests. Visitors to the Tawes Museum, not to be confused with the Tawes Library,  will recognize this friendly face. Tim is the curator of the museum.

Val carries prepared goodies to a table. Val keeps our Chamber of Commerce going, and when you call the Chamber, her friendly voice will greet you.

Happy smiling faces dominated the evening.

Am I supposed to say, "Christmas cheese ball?"

Mr. Mayor arrives with his lovely wife. She always has a smile for my camera!

Looks like someone is having a good time.

There is some beautiful woodwork in the library.

This makes for a great room any day of the year.

I love this threesome.

Save some for me, Cheeseburger.

Val and Tim had a great spread.

Tim's award-winning corn chowder went fast.

Val poses with Crisfield Mayor P.J. Purnell.

I love an action shot.

Howdy, friend.

Oops. Must have had too much eggnog. I cut off the top of the tree. That's a no-no, but a pretty tree it was.

Thanks, Tim and Val, You are two of the many people who make living in Crisfield so much fun!

I have to take this opportunity to give the Tawes Library a plug. It is available for group meetings, weddings, or family get-togethers. For info call Chris Tyler at  410.968.1225 or Tim Howard at 410.968.2501. They can make all the arrangements and put you in touch with local caterers. We have some great catering services in Crisfield. And if you like to create you own culinary masterpieces, they have a large kitchen.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dine out at a church

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church in Crisfield

I always say patronize your local restaurants (and businesses), but whenever a church or fire hall has a fund-raising event that involves food, mark the date on your calendar, because they serve great food! Recently, members of the Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church served up a great meal that included oyster sandwiches and clam chowder. Read more in archives of the December 15, edition of the Crisfield-Somerset County Times. Don't want to read the past in the present? You can always keep up-to-date on the happenings around town by  subscribing online.

Come on in and see what's cooking...

 What a history this church has.