Thursday, January 24, 2013

Border towns

I learned a lot about life in little out-of-the-way border towns. People should travel more, and not to touristy hotspots. The average man can teach you more than any professional, at least about life, if you only know how to listen. Glitter brushes off. The humble man, he is the gold that will enrich your life.

Ghost of the Past...

"You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure." ~ Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I ran across this photo today. Since we are in the dead of winter, I thought this would be a good post. For those who have never seen this house, it was one of my favorite subjects to photograph in Crisfield. It was torn down last year. In fact, it went so fast, no one knew about it until it was on the ground. Of all things that should be torn down in Crisfield, this should have been the last to go. Artists and photographers loved it, and thanks to them, this house lives on in both paintings and photographs.

FYI: the house was situated on the bay and had a spectacular view of the water. The sunsets were breathtaking.

From the horses mouth...

Torre Argentina cat sanctuary

Largo di Torre Argentina: The square is where Julius Caesar met his untimely end. For over 20 years it has been a safe haven for cats whose population number around 200. The well-cared-for cats prowl the ruins as excavation continues around them, pose for the many tourists who come to see and photograph them, and in general, are less harmful to the ruins than the men who move the earth around them. If you visit Rome, be sure and visit the cats and their lovely surroundings. Want to help the cats without going to Rome? Click here. You can even adopt or sponsor a cat. Yes, I know, we have many homeless cats in the U.S., but the Torre Argentina sanctuary is one of those places that need your help. Suffering knows no boundaries. Trust me, these caretakers do a wonderful service. They should be rewarded.

I hope to photograph the cats once again in the near future.