Friday, September 10, 2010

Miss Crustacean 2010 - part 2

Miss Crustacean 2010

"Beauty can be something as simple as a smile or a twinkle in the eye."

I  finally got some of my ducks - make that "crabs"  in order, and am starting back at the kickoff of Crab Derby. That, of course, is the Miss Crustacean Pageant. I am still pressed for time with more photos to edit, so there will be no commentary, and the photos are not in order.

For the first postings on the eve of the pageant go here.

Thanks to pageant directors Bonnie Townsend and Kathy Crockett and to the following people and businesses who contributed to the pageant:

Jane's Accents, Jed's Auto Refinishing, Kingston Construction, Kitty's Flowers, Landon's Flowers, Linton's Seafood, Marion Pharmacy, Mary Kay by Quinna Marshall, Mary Kay by Pamela Ward Eskridge, Maho's Kitchen, Michelle Townsend, Michelle's Unique Boutique, Mi Pueblito, Pizza Shoppe, PNC Bank, Salon One, Sam's Auto Center, Captain's Carry Out, Sandy's Nail Salon, Sno Biz, Station 8 EMS, Subway, T&T Automotive, Tangier Island Cruises, Taylor Farm, The Style -Port, The Cove, Waterman's Inn, Vernon Powell Shoes, Avon by Chrisia Byrd, Bailey Jewelers, Barb's Flower Shop, BB&T Bank, Beer & Soda Drive Thru, Blue Crab Crossing, Tawes Brothers Oil, Blue Crab Garden Cafe, Bradshaw's Funeral Home, C&B Farms, C'More Movies and Games, Chris Sterling, C.P.A, Circle Inn, Country Creations, Cutting Edge Hair Affair, Double Deuce Auto, Eastern Shore Lanes, First Impressions, Food Lion, Fred W. Maddox and Son Seafood, Gordon's, Heath's Crab Pots, Ice Cream Gallery, Crisfield High School. Ms. Monique Ward, Eddie and Sue Heath, Valerie Howard, Adam Riggin, Mike Shannon, Susan Marsh, Kim East, Claude Crockett, Eric Shaufert, Kandy Ross, Jodi Thomas, Keleigh Mrohs, Hope Davis, Karis Reynolds, Julie Evans, Michelle Davis, Olivia Landon, and Dan and Barb Keubler.

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