Wednesday, March 9, 2011

University of Maryland Eastern Shore 2011 Hollywood Gala starring David Alan Grier, Tyne Daly. Sharon Stone, Pam Grier

UMES 2011 Hollywood Gala starring David Alan Grier, Tyne Daly, Sharon Stone, Pam Grier, and the facility, staff and students.
This past Saturday I attended the 2011 Hollywood Gala held at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  If  you missed the event you missed a chance to reach out and touch Hollywood. The stars were entertaining and gracious, the food was perfection, and the students - Hotel and Restaurant Management, Honors, Drama, Discover UMES, and Music, did a terrific job.  Kudos to everyone from the person I saw laying out the red carpet to the students checking coats to the campus security. The staff and Gala committee did a superb job. It takes more than a village to  put together a flawless evening like this. It takes a great university!  I have covered many events since I began taking photos in 1985, but the University of Maryland Eastern Shore's Galas (I have covered them before) are at the top of my list when it comes to memorable entertaining evenings.

Thank you to everyone who supported this important event. The cause was great, the call was made, and you answered. The student's gift to you was a perfect evening. The gift you gave to them and to future UMES students is priceless.

The Hollywood stars for this year's event were David Alan Grier, Tyne Daly, Sharon Stone, and Pam Grier. Each received an honorary degree from the university.  UMES hosts were Rick Gormley, Dr. John Lamkin,II, Brian N. Perez, Dr. Katherine A. Quinn, Chenita Reddick, and Chef Ralston Whittingham. And of course, Dr. Thelma B. Thompson, president of UMES.  

I have posted two slide-shows of the event, along with a few comments overheard during the evening.  Please allow time to load. I separated the slide shows with stills so they would not run together.  To watch the second slide-slow simply refresh page and scroll to bottom of post or use drop-down menu to re-play or pause. Each show contains around 100 photos.  

Oh, UMES surprised Sharon Stone with a birthday cake and I have included those photos in the first show.

~ ~ ~

“All students were most helpful and professional.”

“Loved the drama students and their acts!”

“Great music!  Wonderful to see the students on stage!”

“Loved the photos!”

“Kudos to the entire committee!”

“Beautiful decorations throughout the SSC.”

“Fantastic auction items!” 

“Delicious food and excellent presentation!”

“Kudos to the entire committee!”

“The celebrities were most gracious and seemed sincerely honored to be at UMES.”

“Loved seeing close-ups of the stars on the screens.”

 “Loved the drama students and their acts!”

“Nothing like this on the Shore!  How will you ever top this?”

These photos belong to Patty Hancock and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and are not to be reproduced or transmitted in any manner without written permission from UMES.

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Quite an event! And a great set of shots!