Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Soft Shell Metric Century Bike Ride sponsored by the Jaycees

2011 Soft Shell Metric Century Bike Ride sponsored by the Jaycees, 2011 soft shell spring fair in Crisfield

May 28 is still a good ways off but I was cleaning my bike and putting air in the flat tires - flat from sitting on the porch all winter, and thought I would scrounge around for a photo to entice you to sign up now for the 2011 Soft Shell Metric Century Bike Ride. Those who like scenic bike rides will find a real treat in the 23 mile route around Crisfield and Marion. Dedicated bikers will enjoy the entire 62 mile ride. It may be March, but it is never too early to fill out your applications.  

Crisfield hopes you plan now on staying the night and enjoying our annual Soft Shell Spring Fair on the City Dock on May 29, sponsored by the Lioness/Lions Club and the Crisfield Area Chamber of Commerce. Don't forget to bring your cameras.


Missy said...

Hi Patty, nice to see your blog once again, miss your blog now...I never tried eating the fried crabs look yummy ;-P I wish I could visit MD soon, I'm back to US now from Japan ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping to promote the Softshell Metric Century on your blog. We're hoping this year the ride is bigger than ever. I also liked taking a look at your pics of Crisfield. One of the reasons we chose Somerset County for the ride is because the area is so pretty. But you already know it!

Travis Fisher
72nd President
Salisbury Jaycees