Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lower Somerset County Ambulance and Rescue Squad 30th annual awards banquet

Lower Somerset County Ambulance and Rescue Squad 30th annual awards banquet
It was truly a star-studded night in Crisfield during the Somerset County Ambulance and Rescue Squad's banquet. Among the 'stars' of the evening: Crisfield Mayor P.J. Purnell, Chief of Police Mike Tabor, City councilwoman LaVerne Johnson and councilman Raymond Anderson, Delegate Charles Otto, States Attorney Dan Powell, Somerset County Sheriff Bobby Jones and Deputy Ronnie Howard, County Commissioner Randy Laird, Senator Jim Mathias, and other special guests too numerous to mention. But the real stars were the people who rush to our sides when we most need them. Thank you again for all you do. 

I am breaking this post up into 3 slide-shows. Read full coverage in the March 9 edition of the Crisfield-Somerset County Times.

Random photos from the banquet...

Award and special presentations...


Before I continue to the next slide-show, let me introduce you to line-officer Brent Morgan. Each year Brent assists in giving out some 'special' awards. I told Brent that he made my job very difficult because a good photographer is always anticipating the next move of the subject(s) that they are shooting. That is very difficult to do when you are laughing so hard you forget about those little controls on your camera that scream for your full attention. Brent had everyone in stitches. Next year I will have to stuff cotton into my ears, but even without sound who could not laugh at the photos shown in the below slide-show? If anyone deserves a good laugh every once in awhile, it is the dedicated volunteers of the Somerset County Ambulance and Rescue Squad.

An individual thank you to Captain Frankie Pruitt, George Nelson (president), Jerry McCready (chaplain), administrative officers George Nelson, Juanita Nelson, Fern Griffith, Scott Ward, Larry Rettig, Jerry McCready, Charles Cavanagh, Ken Byrd, Walter Ward, William Handy, Andrew Evans, Jack Merklein, Dee Dee Todd and Ken Bryd, and to line-officers Frankie Pruitt, Ronnie Hinman, Doug Lewis, Brent Morgan, John Townsend, Ryan Dodson, and Tim Collins.

I also want to thank to Phillip Goldsborough, the squad's photographer. I have never seen anyone who truly enjoys taking photos as much as  Phillip does. It is always a pleasure to share a spot next to Phillip.

As usual, copies of photos without copyright are available for your personal use free of charge upon request.

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