Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Paddy's Day faces and food around Crisfield

St. Paddy's Day faces from Crisfield
I was on the run on Saint Patrick's Day but managed to get in a few early shots around town before the parties began. I did not get to all the restaurants. I try, but I am only one person, and there  always seems to be something going on in Crisfield. 

Maho's- 410.968.2835

The Cove - 410.968.9523

Mi Pueblito Grill - 410.968.9984

Gordon's - 410.968.0566

Circle Inn - 410.968.1969

Blue Crab Cafe - 410.968.0444

Watermen's Inn - 410.968.2119

As an extra treat, the chef at Watermen's showed me how he dishes up his own brand of St. Paddy's Day food.

And how could I not include this little elf?

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A Scattering said...

As usual, Crisfield really knows how to celebrate. The wee one in her Paddy's Day tutu is precious!

Gray has been surveying the windows but we've no sign of our Mourning Doves returning to roost this year. Lots in the neighbourhood but none on our window sill.