Friday, March 25, 2011

My House of Hair sets up shop in Crisfield

My House of Hair sets up shop in Crisfield
I would like to welcome Desiree Kohlmeier of My House of Hair to Crisfield, located at 803 West Main Street - 410.968.2585.  Desiree is busy putting the finishing touches on her salon and will shortly offer spa services at salon prices. A tanning bed will also be available. Desiree says she is interested in becoming a Chamber member, something all businesses should consider.  Individuals are also welcome to join the Chamber. We have many events coming up that Chamber members won't want to miss, including our Business after Hours that offers a chance for business owners and individuals to catch up on events, get business tips,  and enjoy an evening of fun, food, and camaraderie.  A town that works together is a town that grows together.

It is always nice to see another business in Crisfield. Welcome, Desiree. Looking forward to your grand opening in a few weeks.

Desiree's daughter does a little work on her own hair.

Desiree is reflected in a new mirror that adorns her shop.

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