Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunset on the run - one shot, one photo

Sunset in Crisfield, MD
While on my way to an assignment last week I made a quick sidetrack to try and catch the sun in the right place without having to get out of the car, not because I was lazy but because I had no time. As my followers know, I take a variety of shots on the fly.  If I had had a few more minutes and moved my view more to the right, moving in closer, I could have captured a gorgeous framed sunset. I am not a sunset chaser in the terms that I will go and set up my tripod and wait, clicking  multiple exposures as the sun sets I have done that on many occasions when getting paid to do just that, but now most of the sunsets I capture are done so while in a rush to get to an assignment.

From my studio, a short walk to Jenkins Creek and a few moments drive to the city dock, I can always tell when there will be a stunning sunset. Sometimes my studio looks as if it were flooded in fire. But as I have said more than once on this blog, and as all professional photographers know, the sun waits for no one. I know that by time I make it to Tangier Sound, set up a tripod,  and correct the settings on my camera, the moment would have passed. If you capture a awesome sunset in one shot you are lucky. If you capture a planned sunset that is magazine quality, you are good.  This photo falls into neither category, but I took it and  wanted to share it with shutterbugs who enjoy setting up their gear and waiting for the right moment. Crisfield is blessed with gorgeous sunsets. Come visit and take away a piece of Crisfield's beauty. Not a shutterbug? Snap some mental pictures and take them home with you. They will be just as good and will last forever.

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