Friday, February 25, 2011

Bounty of the Bay II at Crisfield Elks Lodge #1044

Bounty of the Bay II at Crisfield Elks Lodge #1044
The last Bounty of the Bay night went so well the Elks decided to have another. Once again, oyster-lovers were not disappointed.

Though this event was open to the public, I encourage everyone to think about joining the Elks and American Legion, or any of our other organizations.  Join them all.  Dues are low, and you get so much for your money.  Get involved, support your community, and have a good time. With warm weather just around the corner,  you won't want to miss out on all the good food and parties, not to mention all the great people you will meet.  If you have a vacation home or pass through frequently, we want you! If you don't know how to contact these organizations just send me an email at crisfieldblogger at gmail dot com. You have to turn that into computer jargon. I have found that linked emails are easily found by spiders,  so I hide mine as well as I can to avoid spam.


lizfromerma said...

Besides being a beautiful place to live, Crisfield seems to have more parties and benefits than I've ever seen in a small town. One more reason to go there! Love it! Liz eisele

Rick Boyer said...

Wow !! now all I want is fried oysters !