Sunday, February 27, 2011

1st annual PTO BINGO fundraiser for Woodson Elementary School, held at Crisfield Elks Lodge

1st annual PTO BINGO fundraiser for Woodson Elementary School
I received a comment the other day from a viewer who lives out of the area. She wrote, "Besides being a beautiful place to live, Crisfield seems to have more parties and benefits than I've ever seen in a small town. One more reason to go there! Love it!"

Whoever she was and wherever she lives, she was right. This small  town keeps me busy. With less than 3,000 people living within the city limits I think we do a pretty good job in the entertainment department. There is always something to do in Crisfield. Now I can't take credit for anything. I only report, in photos, the events that happen around me, and I miss a lot because I am after all, retired.  It is the good people who take pride in our community and go the extra mile that make the fun in our town happen, offering up event after event to anyone who wants to participate. If you don't get out and you don't join up and you don't keep up with what is happening you are missing out on a ton-of-fun. And remember, all of the events you see on this site would never be possible without volunteers. Even our annual Hard Crab Derby and boat docking contest, as well as our clam bake come to you courtesy of 95% volunteers. And we could use more volunteers! More volunteers = more fun. 

If you would like to become a volunteer or a Chamber member, email me at crisfieldblogger at gmail dot com. Linked email can be found on the sidebar in the 'about me' section. I will put you in touch with the right people. You can always contact 'our gal Val'  at the Chamber - linked on sidebar. Remember, you do not have to own a business or even live in Crisfield to be a Chamber member. 

Oh, and let me not forgot our sponsors. Even in hard times, our local businesses, organizations, and certain individuals provide the prizes, cash, or whatever is needed, that make our events successful. Thank you to everyone!

Are you ready for BINGO?

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