Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foggy day in Crisfield

Foggy day in Crisfield
"The fog comes   
on little cat feet.   
It sits looking   
over harbor and city   
on silent haunches           
and then moves on. "
 ~ Carl Sandburg

 Shooting into the fog...

The fog creeps into the building of Eddie Health's Crab Pots, hanging in the air.

I captured this mother and son walking along the City dock. Looks like this little chap was ready to go fishing with that pole in his hand.

They boarded the Alicia Rachel out of Tangier Island.

Turns out that Eddie Heath, shown on the forklift, was preparing to carry supplies to the crab boat. Notice that the fog lays a blanket of white on the water that creeps up into the sky.

With supplies in hand, the boat moves to the County dock to unload crab pots. 

Fog surrounds the boat.

Arriving at the County dock.

Unloading the crab pots.

Looks like someone is having a birthday party at The Cove. I shot this through my car window.

Drivers took their time getting around in the fog, but we pretty much take our time in Crisfield even on sunny days. Another car window shot.

Back at  the City dock I captured a street-chat, a common scene around Crisfield; part of the slow-paced life that makes Crisfield such a treasure.


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