Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring yard projects...

Spring Chores in Crisfield
I was a little busy this weekend with friends, assignments, and Super Bowl parties, so I am trying to do a little pre-posting so I can use the next few days to play catch-up. On Saturday, I ran an icy photo from two weeks ago. Today, which is really not today in my world, I thought I would run this little photo essay of a yard project, a true sign of the coming spring.

~ ~ ~ 

Nothing like coming home from a hard day at school and having to tell the man of the house how to do things.

"I don't think you are doing that right."

"Let's try again. A little more to the right, please. No, maybe a little more to the left."

"Will you make up your mind?"

"Ok, pay attention.  It needs to go to the right a little..."

"And make sure it is lined up with the sidewalk. Got that? Now I have to go study geometry."

"But if you leave, you'll come back and say I did it wrong."

"Sorry. You're on your own."

Thanks for letting me shoot this fun project. Putting up a white picket fence, laying mulch, and planting flowers gives us all hope for an early spring.


bARE-eYED sUN said...

adorable. :-)

enjoyed the series, Patty.



A Scattering said...

Oh! The lack of snow, how wonderful. We're under a heavy, firm blanket of it. Gray is very busy with his birdwatching these days - during the hour or so each day that he isn't sleeping.....

Teacher's Pet said...

Love looking at your photos....and am amazed at how different school buses look in different parts of our nation! Just an observation!