Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Somerset County Arts Council showcases seafood workers

Somerset County Arts Council showcases union seafood workers, union seafood workers in Crisfield
The Somerset County Arts Council located in Crisfield,  has an on-going exhibit featuring a variety of items that document a slice of history on the seafood industry in Crisfield and surrounding areas. The collection was loaned to the Council by a local resident. Read full coverage in the February 16 edition of the Crisfield-Somerset County Times. The exhibit will run through February 26. The exhibit includes audio and an eclectic collection of items, some pertaining to the union.  Below are a few of the items on exhibit. For more info call 410.968.2787. Drop in and thumb through magazines and albums, listen to audio, look at old photos, read newspaper clippings, and check out some of the authentic crab and oyster tools of the day.

Please allow time for slide-show to load. 

Be sure and check out the gift shop and other items on display at the Somerset County Arts Council, like these original seats from the old theater.

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Rick Boyer said...

Love the old oyster cans !!