Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smith Island wedding cake taste test and why the mixed bag of photos

Smith Island Sweet Shoppe
I hope this happy couple forgives me for not posting these photos several weeks ago. No, I did not lose the photos. As a matter of fact, I am taking special care that I file things properly these days, but the year is still  young. Plenty of time for my filing system to go awry in the coming months, especially when the tourist season is in full swing.  People are continually inquiring via email or at events when certain photos will be posted, so I am using these sorry-I-am late-photos to remind everyone once again that my desktop is always full of  folders of photos with more folders of photos, etc. I have found that working part of a folder is a recipe for disaster as I usually delete unedited photos once I complete an assignment, and oftentimes those folders may contain other subject matter completely unrelated to what I was working on at the time. My new rule is to never delete a folder for at least 3 weeks unless I am absolutely certain everything has been posted. So these days you may be viewing photos taken the previous night or on the same day of the post, along with photos taken 2 - 3  weeks prior, which reminds me that I still have not posted a lot of my Deal Island skipjack races from Labor Day 2010, a post that will be a tribute to Captain Art Daniels - we call him Daddy Art around these parts.

So on to the happy couple whom I ran into at the Smith Island Sweet Shoppe - they were doing a wedding cake taste-test. 

Congratulations! They are having a spring wedding.

I got to taste this one. Melt-in-your mouth cake. They gave me a slice to take home. I was going to give it to my husband but I was selfish.

I know that Valentine's Day is over but it is never too late to give your sweetheart one of these.

OK. Folder cleared of all 4 assignments. Now I can file and delete. One more folder off my desktop. I love being organized.

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