Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watermen's Inn in Crisfield

Waterman's Inn in Crisfield

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." ~ James Beard

A few dishes from Waterman's Inn to make your mouth water. It looks like we all ordered rice. Good rice, too! I guess that is why we ordered it. They have many wonderful side dishes. I love the veggies because they are so crisp, and the mashed potatoes are real. 

I forgot what my friend had but it sure looks good.

A new take on rock fish. They are always coming up with unique dishes.

My husband loves fried shrimp.

I had seafood fettuccine - lot's of fresh scallops, shrimp, baby clams and mussels.

On the way out I had to take a snapshot of Rev. Bob Daniels, the son of Daddy Art Daniels - the famous Deal Island skipjack captain. I'll see you at the skipjack races, Rev Daniels. And I still think you need to try the crab picking contest. For the past several years, Rev. Daniels has been the only man who went up against the best pickers in the business during the Crab Derby crab picking contest. He never won, but he had a great time picking those crabs. Oh, and he has been a waterman all his life.

And of course, I had to take a snapshot of all the goodies on the way out. It was a quick shot because I did not want to linger. I had to pass on the homemade desserts (they are always homemade and fresh) that I love so much  because I have a special pair of crab pants that I wear only during Crab Derby. I got them out the other day and noticed they were a little tight. After Crab Derby, I'll indulge myself again.

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