Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenwood Evans and Son in Crisfield

Glenwood Evans and Son in Crisfield

Working on the dock of the bay...

Last week, I headed to Glenwood Evans to take photos. I love to photograph the waterman when they come in with their catch, as well as the workers who have to work fast to get the crabs sized and  into the cooler so they will be yummy fresh when they reach the market. Thanks to everyone at Glenwood Evans and to the crabbers who always welcome me and my cameras. It is always a pleasure to photograph on this dock.

At any given time of the day Glenwood Evans  can look like Grand Central Station, with boats coming in from as far as the eye can see. The dock workers work hard. In the summer months, it can feel like 100 degrees, and in the winter the frost can freeze on your nose. I caught the workers earlier in the day when a few lucky waterman caught their limit.

 This is Lewis moving fish bait that the crabbers use to restock their pots with when they come in. He has been working at Glenwood Evans since he was 10, which gives him 75 years of employment  under his belt. Lewis is cool. Read more about him on my blog site. 

This is Lewis fussing at me. Not really. He loves to kid, but he is king of this dock and if you are in his way he will let you know.

After unloading a boat this worker sits down to have his lunch.

A crabber arrives with his bounty. This is one of the faces who brings you fresh Maryland crabs. Think about their hard work the next time you eat Maryland seafood.

Some crabbers travel with their best friend.

The seafaring dog always gets a fish treat from one of the workers.

And he doesn't mind sharing with the worker whose having his lunch. "Say, pal, I'll trade you a fish for that Subway."

Bringing in the crabs.

All crabs have to be quickly sorted by size.

This crab was a camera-ham.

Another crabber arrives.

Vouchers are given to the crabbers.

 Crabs are moved to the cooler.

The workers rest when they can because they never know when 10 or more boats will be on the horizon.

All in a day's work.

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