Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer in Crisfield

Boating in Crisfield...
“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer” ~ Albert Camus 

 How soon our long summers end. I remember when they used to last forever, or at least we wished they would. Am I jumping the gun here? I know summer is not over and yes, we still have almost seven more weeks before fall officially begins. But seven weeks? There are still school clothes to be bought, harvests to bring in, and last-minute vacations to take before our dreams can't make it past the frost on the windows.

I was reminded today after visiting a friend's blog of how quickly time passes. My friend lives in Canada. I have been through two blogging summers of watching baby doves grow up and leave the nests near her home and I was thinking while viewing her lovely pastoral scenes today, that soon her photos will turn into a winter wonderland - my second year in Canada, and so soon? It made me shiver to think that Old Man Winter is "just up the road a piece," as we used to say in Georgia.  

I'm not getting my long-johns out just yet, but I thought I would take a moment to remind everyone to make some fun-filled memories of these last few weeks of summer. Take a vacation, have a picnic, go somewhere you've never been (Crisfield would be nice), visit someone you have't seen in awhile, or just spend more time outdoors. Winter never seems as cold when you have warm memories. They work wonders for the soul. Taken with a cup of hot-tea or your finest coffee... well, when Old Man Winter knocks, perhaps you won't even have to open the door. 

Enjoy life. Get an outdoor memory or two to take into winter with you. 


Linda said...

I plan to be squeezing my whole summer into from now until September 21st. This is excellent advice sweet lady because I am going to need a few happy memories of this summer to keep me going through the winter. I am missing your blogs and your pics.

Doreen said...

I just came from another friends blog and she posted about the same thing. summer ending soon. it is coming but I don't want to think about it yet!! and you are right, savor all you can right now and enjoy.

Patty said...

Linda: You have enough wonderful memories to warm your winters for a lifetime. Barry will be missed by all of us in Blogland. We are all going to miss his eternal optimism.

Patty said...

Doreen: Wow! Everyone thinking about winter so soon may be a sign of an early winter. Maybe if we all got together and thought warm thoughts we could keep winter at bay all winter.