Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mud Bog in Crisfield - for the first time in twenty years!

Crisfield Gumboro Mudbog

Don't Bog Down

Written by Dan Kellerby and performed by Christian Bothers Recording

"If down and dirty is down right fun,
You gotta hit the mud and get the gold!

When you're in the bog, you ain't foolin' round,
You gotta hold your own and let it slide!
(mua ha, yeah)

 Hey there boy, if you think your slick,
You gotta hold your own and get out quick!

Rockin' in the bog is really mean,
You jostle around and then you scream!"

Are you ready for a Mud Bog?  Shoot, I thought I was back in Georgia when I found out the Crisfield Elks Lodge was hosting a Mud Bog. It was actually their first mud bog in about twenty years.  They used to be the rage around Crisfield.

Thanks to Wright Townsend, Jr. and Wesely Ward, of the Eastern Shore Mud Racing Association, and all their members for bringing mud racing back to Crisfield. A big thanks also goes out to the Elks Lodge for hosting the event, and to sponsors TNT Automotive, Snap on Tools, Somerset Paving, Swift Farms, Chesapeake Building Supply, KEW Auto and Golf Cart Sales, the Pizza Shoppe, and Ellis Farms. Whithout all ya'll (that's the way we say it in Georgia) this little piece of history may have faded away forever. 

Enjoy some fun in the Crisfield mud!

Two are three more Mud Bogs will be held next year. I hope to see you there!

I love a truck that you need a ladder to get into.

Working up until the last minute. Men do that.

Thanks to the Marion Fire Department for the shade and water (it was hot) and to the Gumboro Mudbog volunteers who assisted me.

Elks Volunteers are always on duty...uh, even when they are eating.

I love happy faces.

About 1000 people attended the event.

I think this kid will grow up to drive his own mud-bogger.


Now, there is a happy guy.

Girls Rule!

I want to do that!

Oh my, I don't think my Honda Element would get that far.

The Somerset County EMS was on hand for the event. 

Last minute check...

A smiling Elks Lodge volunteer. Folks, what would towns do without their volunteers?

Everyone drank plenty of water.

The water from the Marion firetruck was a welcome relief...

Keeping cool.

I love this.

Since these photos are not in order, I have to back up to the beginning of the event...

Can you believe this guy was sleeping? Say it ain't so!

Members of the Elks Lodge cut up with the photographer. I told them I was going to post this.

Every good mechanic bring his own tools. You gotta have tools!


That tractor worked hard.

More volunteers...

Everyone had their own way of staying cool.

These people were organized!

Meet my new friend Adam Dutch. I shared a look-out stand with him for awhile. He does videos, so if you are in the market for one of those moving pictures, email him at

Give-a-way tees and cups!

Thanks to Billie of the Pizza Shoppe for letting me cool off in her cooler. Since there is a kid in this cooler I have to let everyone know that these coolers do not lock from the inside, and that kids should never play in coolers. That's  Billie's kid, so that was "cool". Oh, Billie fed me, too. And she took the photo.

 I was not able to stay for the "fast" cars, but I will catch them next year. But I have saved the best race for last. Look at 'em go!

Future Mud-Boggers!

This one came with her own pit-boss.

Remember how hot I said it was? Yes, we were experiencing the heat wave that hit the East Coast. But Eastern Shore people are not only hardy, they know how to improvise. So let me leave you with a great idea for your next steaming outdoor event.

Ain't life grand? See you next year!

Check out the the Gumboro Mudbog website. They are having a charity event in Millsboro, Deleware for the soldiers at Walker Reed on August 28.

Check back mid-week for "Wheels on the Waterfront" car show photos as well as photos from the wine tasting event at the Olde Crisfield Crab and Steak House. We have so much fun in Crisfield!

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