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Alice B. Tawes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Tour

Alice B. Tawes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Tour

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

The McCready Memorial Hospital has been moving into the future since its inception in the early 20th century. Sadly, it got its start though a tragic accident.

On Sept. 13, 1919, Edward W. McCready's automobile collided with a train near Crisfield. Traveling with him from his home in Chicago, were his 8-year-old daughter and her nurse. Both McCready and the nurse died at the scene. Rescue workers were unable to save the young girl, Suzanne, en route to the hospital.

After the news, Caroline Pitkin McCready left Chicago for Crisfield. When she arrived, head nurse Florence Webb Smith, made sure that everything was in order for the grieving wife and mother. The bodies lie in repose upon her arrival, as was custom in those days.

When asked, "How much?" Smith replied, "You have no bill from us. We are very sorry we could not have done more for you." McCready insisted that the hospital and the people of Crisfield would be paid.

On May 6, 1923, a date that would have been Edward's 63rd birthday, officials, along with hundreds of citizens, turned out to dedicate a new hospital in his name. The widow had kept her promise, donating $200,000 to Crisfield. Over the years, additions,  improvements, and donations, have made McCready a premier hospital and nursing home.

You've come a long way, McCready!

The creation of the new Alice B. Tawes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is just one of the many projects that has kept it moving forward, keeping up with the technologies and needs of the people.

The Tawes Clam Bake draws politicians from all over the State of Maryland, not to mention people who just love to eat our seafood. One of the things politicians like to do while they are in the area is see what we are doing in Crisfield. So McCready gave a tour of the new Alice B. Tawes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on clam bake day.

Officials assembled on the second floor of the four-story building on the McCready Foundation campus to hear a short history of the project by McCready CEO Charles Pinkerman.

Planning began several years ago, he said, when it became apparent that the original, 40-year-old nursing home was too small, too crowded and too antiquated by modern standards. Ground for the new facility was broken in 2008.

Financing for the $12.5 million project was a combination of USDA loans, Maryland state bond bill funds, Somerset County grants and McCready Foundation money. A successful $1 million community capital campaign topped off the financing.

A highlight of the morning was the introduction of State Sen. J. Lowell Stoltzfus. He had been instrumental, with the late Del. D. Page Elmore, in securing $750,000 in state funds for the new building. Sen. Stoltzfus ended his brief remarks by presenting a bouquet to Del. Carolyn Elmore, sworn in to finish her husband’s term the day before.

Guests then toured the nursing home and an as-yet unfinished assisted living center located on the fourth floor. Among them were state, county and city officials whose support made the project possible, plus McCready board members and representatives from the Crisfield American Legion. The Legion’s $25,000 pledge put the community fund drive over the top last January.

A big thanks to all those who made the new nursing home possible.

These photos are presented in no particular order. I will posting more photos when the nursing home opens, which should be soon.

McCready CEO Charles Pinkerman addresses guests.

Senator J. Lowell Stoltzful  prepares to introduce Delegate Carolyn Elmore.

A bouquet of flowers for newly-sworn in Delegate Elmore who is filling in for Delegate Page Elmore who recently passed away.

Crisfield Mayor P.J. Purnell, left, greets John Phoebus.

A big "Thanks" goes out to the Crisfield American Legion.

No Crisfield event would be complete without Smith Island cake, the official Maryland State dessert. And who else would make Smith Island cake for this event but Susan Evans of Smith Island? Evans is also an employee with McCready and runs a bed and breakfast on Smith Island.

State's Attorney Kristy Hickman.

New furniture is arriving everyday.

Going up? Or was that down?

State of the art hot tubs.

President of the Somerset County Board of Commissioners Mike McCready.

Wait for me!

This will be an awesome kitchen when completed.

Shown with Mayor Purnell, far right, Councilmen Raymond Anderson, left, and Barry Dize.

Mayor Purnell poses with his lovely wife.

The rooms are going to be fantastic, and the view of the water is amazing. The sunsets enough are reason to reserve a room for your loved-one.

And there is room for more expansion.

Want to track the progress? Visit McCready's site.

Here are a few of my "progress" photos:

And last but not least, while on my way to "somewhere", I had to stop and take this evening photo.

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Thanks for the update on the new nursing home! It looks great!

Say, the gal that made the Smith Island cake, works at McCready and runs a B&B on Smith Island (Susan's on Smith Island) is Susan Evans -- not Smith.