Sunday, August 29, 2010

And the winners are...?

Some lucky Crab Derby and boat docking contestants will be going home with one of these beauties next weekend.

This past Thursday, I snapped a few photos of the "trophies-in-waiting" while they were being stored in the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce office. On Friday they were moved to a secret location (not sure if that is true but it sounds cool).  I would have liked to have re-arranged them but there was no way I was going near them. Breaking one is punishable by death. That's not true, either, but I sure wouldn't want to break one of these pretties.

 They are prettier than they look. I had to shoot with the light that was there because I was traveling with one camera and no flash. Better than no camera. 

You can feel the excitement building around town. Good luck to everyone! If you missed the schedule you can click here or go to the Chamber site - see right hand menu.

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