Monday, August 16, 2010

Scotts Cove Marina

Scotts Cove Marina in Chance

"As I progressed further with my project, it became obvious that it was really unimportant where I chose to photograph. The particular place simply provided an excuse to produce work... you can only see what you are ready to see - what mirrors your mind at that particular time." ~ George Tice

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post about Daddy Art and his Sskipjack, the City of Crisfield. I wanted to introduce my viewers to the Scotts Cove Marina in Chance and its owner Eldon Willing who gave me a forklift ride on a pallet to get a better view of the skipjack. People around these parts are so friendly.

This is Willing. Thanks Mr. Willing! You can't miss my car in the background.

I love this old metal boat. Too bad it is headed to the scrap yard.

There is always work going on at a marina. I caught Daddy Art's grandson doing a little sandblasting on something, nothing to do with the skipjack.

I love all the houses and boats around a small marina. 

I took a photo of this truck a few years ago and posted it on the blog. I asked Willing about it this time. When I took it I thought it was headed to the scrap heap. Willing said it is still a working truck used for towing. 

Willing is expanding his marina. If you need any work done, or you are passing through the area and need a slip give him a call. He doesn't have a work phone or a website. Just a cell #: 410.430.9618. Scotts Cove marina has been a family business since 1962. 

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