Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life on the Bay


"A boy's story is the best that is ever told." ~ Charles Dickens

When I was a kid I wanted to live on an island or near the water so I could spend my endless summers romping on the beach, sailing in my sized-just-for me-sailboat, and having family clam-bakes. My family was not rich so we had no get-away vacation home in Nantucket. The best we could do was head to Florida for our  summer vacations. Sometimes we went out West or to the mountains, but I have always had a love for water and the wide-open West was never a substitute for salt air. That is why, for the past 30 years I have made my home on or near some body of water. I still don't have my Nantucket vacation home - perhaps one day.

Anyway, I captured the above photo of these kids who probably don't know yet how lucky they are living in a place like this. I have seen them before being transported to a nearby island by this working boat owned by one of their parents. On this day, the working boat was pulling a smaller boat to an island - one of my favorite islands, by the way. I can just see some of these kids one day working in a big city, sitting behind a desk and staring out the window, looking back with fond memories of their youth on the Chesapeake Bay.