Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another One of My Secret Spots in Somerset County...

Somerset County Beauty, marshlands

"We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows." ~ Robert Frost

Looks like someone is going to have dinner tonight.

There are plenty of places in Somerset County to launch  a canoe or kayak.

"Birders" will enjoy the Eastern Shore.

These trails go on forever. Maybe one day I will tell you where you can find this place.

Frequent visitors to this blog know that I have one "secret spot" in Somerset County that I enjoy photographing. Only the locals know about it and we're not telling. I have another place that I like to frequent. My favorite spot is usually deserted; my other "secret" place is about 20 miles up the road. You can usually find several people crabbing, canoeing, or just enjoying the beauty of the Eastern Shore mash.

I am not going to tell you where this place is either. I am so mean. It is a public place but few people know about it except the locals. People do hear about it through word-of-mouth, hence more people can be found there than in my "secret" spot.  If I told everyone where this place was it would no longer be the itty-bitty slice of heaven that it now is. I doubt if anyone could find this place by accident. But when you come to Somerset, get out and about - explore. The area is rich with history and places that would make you want to stay forever. Who knows? You might just find this place.  But don't tell.


Ann said...

heheheh, now with the satelite, they can find the smallest nook and cranny.

A Scattering said...

It looks like it should be called "Heaven on Earth" but Google Maps came up dry. Lovely treasure. I'll be sitting in a meeting all day so every now and then I'll mentally drift away to one of these scenes - maybe the one with the umbrellas!

Patty said...

I see Ann and Elaine (Scattering) have been trying to Google my secret spots. Even Google Earth isn't telling.

Lew said...

But the secret is that almost any little road leads to a spot like that around the bay! You just have to be brave enough to try it, a good enough navigator to find your way out, and smart enough to stop at the "no tresspassing" signs.

Tina said...

Hello Ms. Patty,

We have been in Crisfield for the past 10 years and didn't know of this special spot. We are only here part time. In the past days we have been exploring with a mission to find this spot and we believe we found it. What a wonderful spot it is! Don't worry as we won't tell. ;) Thank you for the hints.

Patty said...

Tina, perhaps I should start a scavenger hunt for my "special" places. Mums the word. It is a pretty place, isn't it?