Wednesday, September 9, 2009


With little time, thought I would post this "Whatzit" for Gordon and J9. I know. It is way too easy.


Gordon said...

I figure it is some kind of celebration in Crisfield (maybe Labor Day) at the inlet. It, perhaps, is taken on a boat. I will figure it out, without a doubt!

Gordon said...

This is the entry of Independent hose Firestation No. 1 in the Crisfield Labor Day Parade. I think there is a pretty blond girl on the wagon. How close am I?

J9 said...

I'll take the first guess, that iti is a part of an old fire truck/carriage during the derby parade.

Patty said...

I should have done my homework.
You are too good for me.
I now must find the folder
and find out what "I" see.

You are both right. It belongs to a fire company, but I am going to have to find my folder and find out which one. It is, of course, an antique, but it does not belong to Crisfield.

It was taken at a Crisfield parade but I am not sure which one. It was a stray photo I found in another folder. I figured I would have time to locate it before you two "Sherlocks" figured it out.

I will have to come up with something much harder next time.

Anonymous said...

Frederick, MD was the Fire Company, I believe! It's Allison...we were behind them and they we so poliet!

Patty said...

Thanks Anon: I remember it was a fine looking antique.

There you go Gordon and J9. I needed a little outside help to help me with my "Whatzit?"

Barry said...

Since I no longer have to worry about "whatzit", I can just enjoy the poetry of the photo. In one very simple shot it captures history, pride and the joy of the crowd at a parade.

It is a thing of beauty Patty.