Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deal Island Parade

Thought I would share a few photos I took at the Deal Island parade two weeks ago. Deal Island is a working watermen's town full of a great bunch of people. Now this is a real "Americana" parade.

This is Daddy Art Daniels, the oldest working skipjack captain around.

A big "Thanks" goes out to this lady whose name I can not remember. I know the dog is named Bambi. I had two assignments to cover on this day. To make matters worse, they both occurred at the same time, and they were both 40 minutes apart.

I forgot there was only one way in and out of Deal Island, so I had to park my car where the parade turned into the marina, and wait for it to reach the area. I was running up and down the road trying to get what I could. If I had been on the other side, where I had wanted to be, I would never have made it back to Crisfield. So thanks for letting me park in your yard.


al rob said...

wonderful pictures. Let me know when they have the parade next year and I will put my historic Honda in it

Patty said...

They had some bikes in it, too. You should plan on being in our parade next year. They had lots of bike this year.

Mary said...

Wonderful images -- a real slice of american life! :)

Thanks for your kind words on my post!