Thursday, September 3, 2009

Courtesy of the Crisfield Fire Department

I was headed home last night and saw one of the Crisfield fire trucks locked and loaded. They have to test those things out every so often. I grabbed one of my cameras and jumped out to get a photo of the guys in the air, and ended up going on a little trek myself. Heck, everybody was taking a little mile-high trip for that breathtaking view.

It was getting dark when I got to the top and there I was stuck with a 70-200 lens (Nikon of course) and my D300. I wished I would have grabbed my D700 because the noise can't be detected as much at a high ISO (that info is all for you camera buffs out there).

Anyway, here are some photos for your enjoyment. Thanks to the Crisfield Fire Department for being so accommodating. But around here, that is what we are all about.

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"Going down." This is what caught my attention.

"Going up." Shot these future firefighters as I was going up on the 100 ft. ladder.

The carnival is set on the grounds of Somers Cove Marina for Crab Derby weekend. It is empty now because the fair does not open until this evening. The body of water in the center is the entrance to the marina.

The Crisfield Coast Guard is housed in the red brick building to the left, across the water.

Getting a little darker so I bump up the ISO and wish I had my 700. Small Boat Harbor is the body of water to the right. Beige building, left center, contains some gorgeous townhouses with boat docks and a swimming pool; just behind that is the Crisfield American Legion (you can't see it but it is on the water), and beyond that - the building with the columns is McCready Hospital. The taller building just behind it with that yellow strip showing will be their new 4-story nursing home. The yellow strip is just part of the construction. And if you take a little boat ride around the corner to the right, you will run into Janes Island State Park.

Getting even darker, and the wind is rocking us a bit, hence the tilt on this photo. This is part of Somers Cove Marina. The little water canal takes you to Jenkins Creek. That would be on the left. And a stones throw from Jenkins Creek is our house. We are about a one minute drive from the marina and we can walk to Jenkins Creek. Well, we could walk to the marina but I prefer taking my bike or scooter.

Unless we are having a festival, this is a traffic jam in Crisfield. Eat your hearts out, city folk.

I just had to filter one photo. Isn't this heaven?

And back on the ground...

Thanks to Chief Bill Reynolds and the entire Crisfield Fire Department. Next time I will come fully equipped.

Oh, and I pulled this photo from a shoot I did at their annual banquet. Thanks, guys, for all you do.

"Courage is fear holding on a minute longer." ~ General George Patton

These are all courageous people. They are also volunteers. And that makes them all special to all of us who depend on them. Really, I can't say it enough, "Thank you."


imac said...

What a brill trip and photo shoot.
I bet that was thrilling to be up there.

Thanks for your visits and kind comments.

Rebecca said...

Great you had the camera! What an opportunity.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Nice post. Very pretty town. And yes, I am jealous that your traffic is so light.

Anonymous said...

Just popped over from Barry's blog. I am greatly impressed with this post. Of course that is probably because I love photography, but only have a small Kodak digital camera and no professional. I will be back.

Linda said...

B&B has a blog about kissing Sophia Loren and you are up the ladder with all the good looking firemen. Me? I am sitting at home waiting for Barry to get back from tossing fire balls in the air at the circus! What's up with that?!? You got some beautiful shots in from up on the roof. The sunset cooperated really well and the kids were so sweet!

Ann said...

I wish you told me you were going to their anuual function. I would have given you my phone number so they would call me. LOL

Bet you had lots of fun.

Twice my school had fire alarms, and they came with the appliances, and the kids went wild.

gigi said...

How wonderful to get to do something so special. Such beauty from way up there.