Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marine Trawler Owners Association Visits Crisfield

Their logo is a turtle. They ain't in no hurry to get nowhere. Wouldn't that be a nice life?

I shot into the sun to get this one. Can anyone read the message in the flags?

I missed the flea market.

The food looks yummy.

The Marine Trawler Owners Association at Somers Cove Marina. "Who?"

Well, I told you all about the Wally Byam Club, made up of a wonderful bunch of people dedicated to the Airstream, the road, and travel. The MTOA is based on the same concept - kind of. They see the US by boats (any type will do) and they travel what they call, "The Loop."

"The Loop" consists of the Northeast from the Great Lakes to Chicago, to Mississippi to the Gulf back up the Intracoastal Waterway to the Chesapeake and beyond. Many of the members are headed to Canada, stopping at all ports cool along the way.

One member said "The Loop" could take 2-4 years to complete for some people. He added that some people do part of "The Loop", others do it all.

Ummm? I wonder if anyone needs a cook? Cabin girl? Personal photographer?

Anyway, being that I am still on vacation, I snapped a few photos. The MTOA has around 2000 members. Visit their site for more info.

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Crisfield. Happy sailing! Thanks for spending some time in our beautiful town and marina.

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kate said...

Thanks for checking out my pictures - I love all of the shots you put up. Your town looks so fun :) I'm so excited to get back to Vegas - I've only been once before, but I loved it! Sam and I are going to see "Love" on Monday - I'm going to have to hold back from singing along the entire time :)