Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, Canada...

This is for Barry and Linda and Elaine Dale (and Gray) in Canada. There is something you might enjoy on this boat.

We were heading out of Somers Cove Marina yesterday and I saw this boat. Thank goodness, we were not going too fast. A boat does not stop like a car. When a boat is going fast and it stops, you had better be ready to hold on, especially when you are standing up. I think my husband actually enjoys me telling him to stop the boat. "Honest officer, she was there one minute and yelled for me to stop... and then she was gone. She did leave this nice camera behind."

I did not get a chance to talk to the owners of the boat, but they are probabally here for Crab Derby weekend. The marina starts to fill up early for Crab Derby. Yep. People come from all over for this event.

And this one is for you, Gordon...Just could not get the exact angle in that photo you put up - had to have been taken with a compact camera. Why don't I have one of those?

The building was white in the photo you had. Also, check out the Trojan Horse in the next photo. See the nose? It is also parked differently now.

Well, it was not night so I made it look a little more spiffy. And with the moon somewhere else, I had to add one. Or is that the sun?

Oh, look! Is that a little real estate sign I see there? Any takers? I think that is prime property.



Gordon said...

That harbor has probably changed many times over the many years of activity. I sure did enjoy reading about Crisfield's history. I'm highlighting a different town each week, now. As I do, I'm goiung to Wikipedia and researching the town. What an education. Very interesting.

Linda said...

Canadians in Crisfield on a boat? Woah!!!! Nice boat too. Sorry you risked your life for a picture of the flag. That almost makes you a Canadian hero!
" She was overcome with a patriotic moment for our northern country.... her boat stopped suddenly and into the drink she went." The camera isn't much good without the talented brain pushing the settings.
I have to say, we do have a rather spiffy consulate in Washington D.C. and lots of people coming and going to Baltimore, so I know Canadians get down to your neck of the woods. We get American boats here every summer. I'll keep an eye out. Great red leaf spotting, M'am!

Barry said...

Those darn Canadian are everywhere!! Now they're invading Crisfield!

Still, the flag looks nice flying proudly aft of the boat.

A Scattering said...

The flag, the flag just for Linda, Barry and me?! Thanks from Geoff, Gray and me.

Patty said...

Ah, I forgot Geoff. Sorry. For you, too, Geoff. Of course, Gray gets top billing.