Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet Shoppe bakes Army Navy "Spirit Week" Smith Island Cakes

Army Navy "Game Day" Smith Island Cake

First, a wager to the New York Orange County Chamber of Commerce: A Smith Island cake against 2 dozen apple muffins to be enjoyed by board members of the Chamber of Commerce. Read wager at bottom of this post.
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Most football fans don't think of eating cake while watching their favorite games on TV. And I haven't seen too many cakes at tailgate parties. But most states don't have an official state dessert, and they certainly don't have the U.S. Naval Academy. We feed our Navy well, and during Spirit Week that leads up to the December 11, game, over 4,000 midshipman will be treated to Smith Island baby cakes, made right here in Crisfield by a Smith Island family.

The large order was good news for  The Sweet Shoppe, a local  family-owned bakery that will soon be moving into a spacious new building. Instead of just showing you the cake, I will show you how they they made over 4,000 Smith Island baby cakes.

Each layer is baked separately, just as they are in the traditional 10-layer cakes (see larger layers at end of post). Frosting is prepared; not just any frosting either. A true Smith Island cake is made with the best ingredients. The chocolate frosting reminds me of the fudge my grandmother used to make.

The tiny layers are carefully frosted.

Cakes are topped with a "spirited" message made out of edible rice paper...

And decorated in Naval Academy colors...

And that is how you make 4,000-plus Smith Island baby cakes.

This young customer found the baby cake intriguing.

Go Navy - Beat Army! 
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I have to take this opportunity to give the Sweet Shoppe a plug. They can make you a cake in any flavor. Last year, I took them a bag of fresh figs, and they baked me a Smith Island fig cake. Delicious. A true Smith Island cake is hard to make. I was once given the evil-eye by the owner of a fancy bakery in a large Maryland city after trying to order one while visiting a friend. Lesson learned: When traveling, carry your Smith Island cake with you, or have it shipped. 

I have spent a lot of time taking photos in the Sweet Shoppe over the past few years, and I can tell you that they are really proud of what they do, they do a first class job, and though it's hard work, they don't take any shortcuts. Oh yes, and I have eaten a lot of their cakes. Give them a call at 410.968.2200. It's still not too late to order for Christmas delivery. Need I tempt you more?

That's 10-layers, folks. You can see why some people don't want to make these cakes. Besides, you really have to be a Smith Islander to do it right.

Now to the wager:  New York does have a state sweet. It's a muffin - an apple muffin, of course. As the Crisfield Area Chamber of Commerce photographer, I, along with the Chamber and the Sweet Shoppe, offer to send the New York Orange County Chamber of Commerce a traditional Smith Island Cake to be enjoyed by Chamber board members in the event the Army wins the game.  If you agree to this wager, and if the Navy wins, you will send two dozen apple muffins to be enjoyed by  our board members. We can just taste those apple muffins now. How about it, Orange County?

Hey Army, we love you, but I think our Smith Island cake is going to help give our Navy guys the edge.  Perhaps the Army players should pump up on apple muffins.

Thanks to the Sweet Shoppe for offering to make and ship a cake at their own expense, but I don't they need to start baking it just now.


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Ann said...

before I read your commentery, I counted ten layers twice.

Wow!!! such great bakers and artists.