Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lights of the Season

Christmas lights in Crisfield
"There is something magical about tinsel and lights; they make us feel like kids again."

I am starting December off with a couple of traditional Crisfield homes, decked out for the season. Throughout the month, I will be bringing you more of our holiday lights.


Bagman and Butler said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual. I also checked your other blog in hopes that I might see something from Italy.

J9 said...

The first shot looks like a gingerbread house!

Patty said...

Ah, Bagman, I'm sorry. I am too busy to even post comments on Blogger, for you, I am taking the time. Italy photos will be forthcoming on my alternate blog.

While I am here, thanks J9. I have been missing everyone. Happy Holidays.

Tina from around the Down Neck said...

Hi Patty,

Thank you so much for taking and posting photos of Crisfield, I enjoy them. I'm at an awe how you can capture people's essence in a photo.

Is there any chance you can give a photo workshop? Or a one on one tutorial. I'm a newbie and I have been taking photos with Auto focus.


Patty said...

Thanks, Tina. Lessons? When? I am going to have to retire again so I can retire again, whatever that means.

Keep practicing. You will learn.