Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow photos in Crisfield - from a car, warmly.

Snow in Crisfield

I will admit it up front. I was a little lazy today, but a news photographer can't pass up a taking a few snow photos, even if they are not on duty. Most of these were taken from my car, though the window or with the window down, and sometimes with the door open. I wonder if you can get a citation for driving while taking photos? 

There is a dog on this boat. Can you find him?

I got out of the car for his one, shot from the City dock .

A worker for the City of Crisfield checks to see if I am OK.

That is the bay out there!

And for this one, I got out of my car.


Becky said...

I'm shivering just looking at all your snowy photos! We got about 9" of fresh powder last night here in Iowa and DH and I went out cross country skiing. :*) Winter is upon us all... happy holidays and a glorious new year!
Kindest Regards,
OM girl

A Scattering said...

Seems like at least 3 of us are in winter wonderlands! Love all of these shots but, if I had to single out just one, it would be the man and his dog out for the mail. Beautiful.