Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smith Island cake wager on Army Navy Game

Army Navy game Smith Island cake
After reading this post you can click on the below links for more info about we are wagering a Smith Island cake for apple muffins on a football game.

OK, Westpoint and Orange County Chamber of Commerce. The Army Navy game is nearing, the clock ticking, but the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce is not worried. We say, "Bring it on."

Cherly Tull of the Sweet Shoppe in Crisfield is egging you on in this photo. Is your moth watering yet? Forget about it!

Our mouth is watering for your wager of 2 dozen apple muffins from Biscuit's and Frisbie's Wholesome Bakery in Cornwall-on-Hudson. Owner Candy Frisbie, who provided the below photo of her apple muffins, sounds like a wonderful person. And she has a fascinating history. 

For full story read the December 8, edition of the Crisfield-Somerset County Times.

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Ann said...

I can just taste that layer cake.

So I will just have to salivate with my eyes. it really looks so good.