Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Crisfield Elks Lodge Christmas Party

2010 Crisfield Elks Lodge Christmas Party
Here are a few photos from the Crisfield Elks Lodge Christmas party. It was fun! Thanks to everyone who brought a dish to the party, and to the Lodge that provided shrimp, soup, and chowder.


A gift from local artist Becky Lowe, right.

 Grand Exalted Ruler Bonnie Burke speaks to members.

She sings, too!

I was not going to post this because Ben, the guy on the left played photo Scrooge to the camera. His girlfriend is a photographer and he has not yet learned that when your woman points a camera at you, you are supposed to smile like the guy on the right, who is my man. He has been posing - mostly for tests since 1985, so he knows that it is best to smile and get it over with. Now the reason I took their photographs together is because Ben is a Christmas baby and my husband is a Christmas Eve baby. Happy Birthday! Ben will get the hang of it in time.


Fred said...

Merry Christmas Ben, you should work on your smile!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

HI Patty - please give Larry our best wishes for his Birthday and to the two of you for a Merry Christmas!

Larry sure is a great model, not so for Ben.

Judy Myers, salisbury said...

Hey, what a great holiday season, thanks for all the great pictures, Patty. Keep up the great work. As for you, Ben, sounds like you have a tough crowd. All the great pictures and the focus is on the guy who doesn't smile. Absolutely adore the picture with the lovely lady playing with the screw top santa hat.

Patty said...

Now, let's not pick on Ben. He is always a good sport, smile or no smile.