Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crisfield Christmas parade canceled due to rain

Crisfield Christmas Parade
We almost had a parade. Rain came in a little earlier than expected, and we all hung our heads in disappointment when the announcement came in that our beloved Christmas parade had been canceled at the last minute due to weather. The people calling the shots were on top of the weather all day on Saturday. But since no one ever really knows what the weather will do, all lights were green until the organizers were 100% certain that the evening would be a wash. Thanks to those who worked so hard on the parade and to those who monitored the weather.

On the bright side, Santa came to town on Saturday, Children enjoyed tea with Mrs. Claus (photos to come), and we needed a little rain. And Saturday was not a bad day for shopping or putting up last minute Christmas decorations, at least as far as temperatures go.

I will leave you with these 3 photos from last year's Christmas parade.

Crisfield Chamber of Commerce float.

Janes Island State Park

It was oh, so very cold last year, but no one seemed to mind.

See ya' next year!

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