Saturday, December 11, 2010

Navy beats Army 31-17

 Navy beats Army!
Orange County Chamber of Commerce: This could have been yours...

Congratulations to the Navy Midshipmen who beat the Army Black Knights in the Army Navy game. Members of the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce are licking their chops over those apple muffins, New York's state sweet, wagered by the Orange County Chamber of Commerce against our Smith Island state dessert. Maybe next year New York will beat out the other states in our Governor's Crab Race during Crab Derby week. I'll bet you didn't know we had crab races, did you? We will have to make a wager on that come Labor Day weekend. The whole Orange County Chamber can come down and root for the New York crab. Check out photos from last year's event, and make your reservations now.

I love a good wager, and the Orange County Chamber members were all-around good sports. Put a little sugar on that crow; it won't taste so bad. 

The Black Knights played a great game. Thanks to members of both teams for their service to our country. You are all winners in our books!

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