Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow storm hits Eastern Shore, whiteout in Crisfield, MD

December 26 snow in crisfield, md, Snow storm hits Eastern Shore, whiteout in Crisfield
An employee at Riggin's market reaches for the New York Daily News, one of the many newspapers that predicted the storm.

FYI: Riggin's has been in business since 1948, the year I was born.

 Three boys make their way along an icy sidewalk.

Crossing Hwy 413, a boy makes for a stark backdrop to the snowy landscape and tire marks. Roads began to ice over in the early morning.

A woman carries grocery bags back to her home after a trip to the grocery store.

A boy makes his was to Third Street by bike.

My husband's car awaits me.

Regular viewers will recognize my favorite old house on the bay.

This old house, next to my favorite house, is getting a face "lift." Awesome views of bay from both houses.

 Workers at the Pizza Shoppe clear the parking area.

Many people heeded precautionary advice, staying off the roads.

A city worker was up early making for safe passage for our first responders.

Hey, Rick. Good job!

 A drive by the Ward Brothers Workshop always makes for a nice photo.

Road signs began to freeze up early.

SHA workers were kept busy all day as new snow fell on previously cleared roads.

The Doughboy statue at the city cemetery braves the storm.

Salt trucks run up and down Hwy 413.

This man got an early start shoveling snow from his walkway.

Snow builds up on  these tree limbs causing them to lay on power lines.

At Food Lion, this worker stays busy collecting shopping carts.

This shopper stops for a snow video.

Dogs gotta walk.

This door got some extra seasonal seasoning.

Shoppers were out throughout the day picking up essentials.

A "real" frosted window.

Decorations at Jane's Accents were bathed in ice crystals.

Our City dock never sleeps. Crisfield is a working waterman's town and people are tough. Waterman don't let a little snow stop them from scurrying back and forth from Smith Island or Tangier Island, both a 35 - 45 minute ride in good weather. This man was unloading plastic bins from his truck onto Captain Jason's Smith Island boat.

 Another boater waits for his wife.

And home they went. One would think a whiteout would keep boaters inside, but our seasoned waterman could navigate the bay blindfolded.

With my work done, you would have thought a cup of hot chocolate would have been in order. I try to stay away from sugar, but sometimes I just have to have a coke in a bottle from the Beer-n-Soda Drive Thur...

They even pop the cap for you. 

Back at our house, my husband prepares to move my car away from the overhead  tree limbs. My husband offered to drive me around today because I have been known to take photos while driving, and today was not a good day to be doing that.

Please stay safe and stay off  roads during storms unless you must travel. A news person has to cover the news even if they are not on duty, and they know the risk they are taking when they walk out theirs doors. Everyone around Crisfield is used to seeing me out in all kinds of weather, and I thank them for not running over me. In fact, they usually make way for me if they are out on those emergency runs. Wink, wink.


bARE-eYED sUN said...

there's snow? outside? sheesh! gotta get out more often.



Coachdad said...

Can you send some of that weather to me? My girls would love a little snow! Beautiful pics as alays.

Ann said...

Are all the crabs in hiding?

We have been getting frozen cooked crabs from USA. I kept thinking, I wonder if the crabs are from Crisfield

Noelle said...

such great photos..I love the door and window shots...and the pic at your house!

Becky said...

What wonderful winter/snow photos!
I'd love to get out and take some photos... if I could get out! We got hammered with snow over Christmas too.

Ann said...

veryone should just stay at home at enjoy their holidays. I hope your fishermen are snug at home.

The first winter I was in canada, there was a blizzard, ( Only I didn't know it) I was walking back from the unversity, I slipped and fell many times. When I got home, I turn on the radio to find there was a blizzard and everyone was to stay at home.

Merry Christmas,

We had yummy crabs, some New Zealand ones and some American ones.


Keep warm.