Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visitors at Eddie Heath's Crab Pots

Visitors at Eddie Heath's Crab Pots

It is known all up and down the Eastern Shore that if you want crab pots, call Eddie Heath, or in this instance just drop by. These customers, visiting from Brazil, came up from Greenbackville, Va. to pick up the best crabs pots in the country. Actually, Eddie sells all over the country. 

Eddie is shown center.

You can also special order crab pots for any occasion.  How about an Easter egg crab pot created from a rainbow of pastel colors? What a great place for the Easter Bunny to leave those chocolate treats. They make nice yard decorations, too. Be the only person on your block to have a crab pot Easter decoration on your front lawn. Imagine that in Denver or Atlanta? How about a green and red crab pot holding little treasures on Christmas morning? One of Eddie's special crab pot makers can tailor a crab pot to any size. Can you make party favor crab pots, Eddie?

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