Saturday, October 2, 2010

National "Enjoy Nature" month

October sunset in Crisfield, nature in Crisfield,camping in Crisfield

 This time of year marks the end of those lazy summer days that we all miss when winter arrives. The waters may be too cold for swimming now and we have to drag out those sweaters and light coats for the chilling mornings and evenings that come with October, but this is great weather for making more memories that get us through the long Eastern Shore winters. So throw open the windows, let in some fresh air and get out and enjoy fall.

This is a terrific time of year for biking, walking and hiking and for gathering up those colorful leaves that Mother Nature rains down on us - yes, it's work, but aren't they pretty? We all love the fall festivals that pop up all over the Eastern Shore. And how many of us bring back jams and jellies from our side-trips? Yum. They really take the "dreary" out of rainy cold mornings. The Tawes Museum has their own brand of jams, jellies and sauces. Kayakers and campers love October weather. This is also great weather for fishing. And photographers go absolutely batty over the light this time of year when it is presented to us in true hi-def color.

Nature may be preparing to shut down for the season but it always puts on a wonderful last show before the final curtain call. October should be designated "Enjoy Nature" month. I think I will do that now. I officially declare October "Enjoy Nature" month, at least in Crisfield. Hallmark, you are welcome to take that nationwide and create special "Enjoy Nature" cards. 


Doreen said...

fabulous images Patty. this would have fit right in with our theme for Oct. 1st, colors black and orange. love this time of year when there is so much color.

Patty said...

Thanks Doreen. I did not know about the theme. Shame on me.