Friday, October 1, 2010

The Olde Crisfield Crab and Steak House and Tawes Museum hosts Ocean City - Part 1

The Olde Crisfield Crab and Steak House and Tawes Museum hosts Ocean City


Olde Crisfield Crab and Steak House and tiki bar is now closed, with no plans to re-open, as of March 2012. Museum is open!

Guests comprised of Ocean City tour guides and business owners arrive at the Olde Crisfield Crab and Steak House. They are greeted by owner Jerry Hardesty, shown in black shirt and Tawes Museum curator Tim Howard, shown in maroon shirt.

Restaurant manager John Maske, right, chats with a representative from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, also on the tour.

Inside the restaurant...

Hey, we need one of these!

Aboard Jerry's van, Tim Howard hands out Tawes Museum brochures.

Our first stop - the Tawes Museum. Tim is an excellent guide. You can contact him at 410.968.2501. He is available for both small and large groups and boy, does he know Crisfield's history!

Let's go inside the museum...just a sneak peek. You have to visit the museum for all the goodies and the narration, of course.

Tim will tell you all about the city that was built on oyster shells.

You will see some fascinating photos throughout the museum. The way the museum came by them and the stories behind them are even more fascinating. But you will have to let Tim tell you the stories.

Crisfield is the home of the infamous duck carvers Lem and Steve Ward, whose workshop is right around the corner from me. The workshop is on the tour.

And no trip to the museum would be complete without a visit to the crab shanty. If you're there on a good day you'll get demonstrations from Austin Cox, Sr., a survivor of Normandy. And if you call the museum in advance, Austin will be waiting for you.

Everyone gets a kick out of the blowfish.

The museum has a nice gift shop you will want to visit.

The sauces and preserves are made special for the museum. With the holidays approaching you might want to fill someone's stocking with some of these goodies - even your own! Oh heck, you don't have to wait for the holidays. Call the museum for ordering info - 410.968.2501

Tim narrates as we continue the tour...

Visitors are all smiles.

Don't forget your cameras. You will want to take back little pieces of Crisfield.

We toured other places around town (the museum also gives walking tours) but I will save that for your visit. After the complete tour everyone headed  back to the Olde Crisfield Crab and Steak House for lunch. Jump in my time machine by clicking here, and enjoy some Eastern Shore delicacies.

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